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RJ Hodges

Speaker, Author, Coach, Hodges, Inc.

My book: You Can’t Practice at the Game, The Art of Mastering You is the result of the amazing work that Kim consistently delivers. To edit is one thing, but to pour your heart and soul into a project is something totally different. Kim not only edits, but asks pertinent questions about the content, the message, and helps to clarify specific points I am trying to express. Her questions make me think and her rewrites help express my points in a way that makes the message clearer to my audience. When I was asked to contribute a chapter to the best-selling book, Mission Unstoppable I knew that Kim was the perfect person to edit my writing, and I will continue to work with her in the future.

If you are looking for an editor that will pay very close attention to detail and work with you create an absolute masterpiece, then look no further!

Gregory L. Hearns

Owner, The Romance Depot LLC

A great website with pretty pictures means nothing without the right words to accompany it. Kimberly’s descriptive storytelling writing style has transformed the words on my website and promotional materials into marketable content that has helped me to sell my services. Her ability to take my garbled ideas and make them pop off of the computer screen in words is amazing. Kim has consistently delivered on my writing and editing requests bringing new life to my website content, which has brought in new clients and helped rediscover former ones. I would highly recommend her services and will work with her whenever I need help with writing and editing.

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